Val Goldsack

Liturgical composer, singer/songwriter

Singer and guitarist


Music in veins:

Music is in everybody and as the saying of a popular singer goes “what do you do when you want to sing, yes, you just sing”. There would be no restriction in selecting the song you want to sing. People are mostly shy to put forth the music in the initial stage of grooming music.

There are many who sing and play guitar at the same time. It’s time for dual entertainment. We have seen many singers wantto play something that goes well with their singing. This is because they are comfortable to hold the music ‘prop’ and deliver emphatically the best of best, anytime they do it. In other words, there is no rule that if you are a singer, you cannot be good at instruments. Most of the singers in the shows that are conducted are seen holding a guitar and is usually seen on a regular basis. The momentum that shows the attitude to perform is the best moment. The ‘moves’ with the body language of enjoyment, makes the throbbing crowd to get head on heals and sing with him.  The most commonly used guitars are ‘classical’ and ‘acoustic’. Some of the famous singers who had the guitars as their source of delivering music and would not do without it maybe listed as below:

Grace Potter, Jeff Tweedy, Charlie Pride. B.B. King, and the list goes on. These went to become famous in the dual concept and hit it big!

Book the singer with the guitar:

It is seen the singers with the guitar are called as ‘one man show or band’. Hence, when booking a singer cum guitarist, as an organizer you can look into the reviews of the singer first and then talk about the advance accordingly. Thus, playing guitar and singing, is an advantage not only for the organizersbut also for the composers.

Some of the most prominent singers and guitarists who can be thought of are, Heinrich Albert, William Anderson and Hans Eric Apostel.Enjoying music has no bars and so the dual concept of enjoyment, having singing and playing guitar along with it is a gift for the listeners. These singers cum guitarists are charmingly attractive to the crowd.

Talent unquestioned:

The talent such as this one has its own pros and cons. The effort put into getting well versed in both, claims applauds. It is very natural to master a single talent.However, when there is a search for a dual aspect, one has to think out of the box to know and imbibe it. The balanceshould be maintained when you sing and play the music together. A beautiful adage could be remembered here!Yes, ‘practice makes man perfect’. The people who have mastered both singing and playing the guitar and do it at the same time develop more belief in themselves. This belief, which says ‘it is possible’, goes with them till they do what is liked. It can be never possible for them to be silent, once they are addicted to this pathway they built for themselves!